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A Guide to Game Theory, 1st edition

  • Fiona Carmichael
A Guide to Game Theory

ISBN-13: 9780273684961

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published by Pearson Canada (October 28th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

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What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


A Guide to Game Theory explains the important concepts and techniques without using mathematical language or methods.

Using a wide range of examples and applications this book covers decision problems confronted by firms, employers, unions, footballers, partygoers, politicians, governments, non-governmental organisations and communities.

Written for undergraduate students with little or no prior knowledge of game theory. This book supports any game theory module on an economics degree or indeed any course that addresses strategic problem solving.

Table of contents

1. Game theory toolbox 
2. Moving together 
3. Prisoners' dilemma
4. Taking turns
5. Hidden moves and risky choices
6. Mixing and evolving 
7. Mystery players 
8. Playing again and again...
9. Bargaining and negotiation 

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