A Question of Chemistry: Creative Problems for Critical Thinkers, 1st edition

  • John Garratt
  • Terry Threlfall
  • Tina Overton

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`It must be more important to be skilled in thinking, than to be stuffed with facts.'
Edward de Bono

This innovative book has been designed to teach its readers how - and not just what - to think: to question, critically and creatively, and to make judgements. De Bono's philosophy is that it is possible to learn these skills, and the authors' aim has been to provide an active, problem-solving text written to inspire students of chemistry to think both effectively and professionally.

Table of contents

1. About This Book.
2. The Problems: Understanding The Argument.
3. Constructing the Argument.
4. Critical Reading.
5. Making Judgements: Solvents & Solubility.
6. Safety.
7. Reactions.
8. Purity.
9. Yield.
10. Atoms & Molecules.
11. Accuracy & Precision.
12. Analysis.
13. Equilibria.
14. Estimations.
15. Reference Trails: Exercises.
16. Commentaries.
17. Commentaries on Section 1.
18. Commentaries on Section 2.
19. Commentaries on Section 3.
20. Commentaries on Section 4.
21. Commentaries on Section 5.

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Published by Pearson (July 30th 1999) - Copyright © 1999