Access To Health, 14th edition

  • Rebecca J Donatelle
  • Patricia Ketcham

Access to Health (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780134089003


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Motivating students to make healthy choices

Long known for its currency, research, and strength in behavior change, Access to Health provides key information through a consistent framework for motivating students to make healthy life choices. As a teacher, mentor, and researcher, Rebecca J. Donatelle knows the issues that are important to today’s students. Through her friendly writing style, she addresses students’ concerns and teaches them to be savvy and critical consumers of health information.



Table of contents

Part 1 Finding the Right Balance

Chapter 1: Accessing Your Health


Focus On: Improving Your Financial Health


Chapter 2: Promoting and Preserving Your Psychological Health


Focus On: Cultivating Your Spiritual Health


Chapter 3: Managing Stress and Coping with Life’s Challenges


Focus On: Improving Your Sleep


Part 2 Creating Healthy and Caring Relationships

Chapter 4: Building Healthy Relationships and Communicating Effectively


Chapter 5: Understanding Your Sexuality


Chapter 6: Considering Your Reproductive Choices


Part 3 Building Healthy Lifestyles

Chapter 7: Eating for a Healthier You


Chapter 8: Reaching and Maintaining a Healthy Weight


Focus On: Enhancing Your Body Image


Chapter 9: Improving Your Physical Fitness


Part 4 Avoiding Risks from Harmful Habits


Focus On: Recognizing and Avoiding Addiction


Chapter 10: Drinking Alcohol Responsibly


Chapter 11: Ending Tobacco Use


Chapter 12: Avoiding Drug Misuse and Abuse


Part 5: Preventing and Fighting Disease


Chapter 13: Protecting against Infectious Diseases


Chapter 14: Protecting against Sexually Transmitted Infections


Focus On: Understanding Your Health Inheritance


Chapter 15: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease


Focus On: Minimizing Your Risk for Diabetes


Chapter 16: Reducing Your Cancer Risk


Chapter 17: Reducing Risks and Coping with Chronic Conditions


Part 6 Facing Life’s Challenges


Chapter 18: Becoming a Responsible Health Care Consumer


Chapter 19: Preventing Violence and Abuse


Focus On: Reducing Your Risk for Unintentional Injury


Chapter 20: Preserving and Protecting Your Environment


Chapter 21: Preparing for Aging, Death, and Dying


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