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Addison-Wesley's Java Backpack Reference Guide, 1st edition

  • Peter DePasquale
Addison-Wesley's Java Backpack Reference Guide

ISBN-13: 9780321304278

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published by Pearson (November 17th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

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Free delivery
$14.99 $11.99

What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


  • Includes syntax, description, tips for use, and examples of 50 Reserved Words.
  • Reserved words are organized by category (data types, class-related, modifier, control).
  • Includes description, class modifiers, constructors, static fields, static methods, and instance methods for the most commonly used Java APIs.
  • Java 5.0 features incorporated.

Table of contents



Java Fundamentals

Java Escape Sequences

Java Numeric Primitive Types

Java Reserved Literals

Java Logical Operators

Java Equality and Relational Operators

Java Bitwise Operators

Java Widening Conversions

Java Narrowing Conversions

Java Visibility Modifiers

Java Operator Precedence

Summary of Selected Java Packages

Common Java Executable Applications


Java Reserved Words

abstract (modifier)

assert (control)

boolean (data type)

break (control)

byte (data type)

case (control)

catch (control)

 char (data type)

class (class-related)

const (unused)

continue (control)

default (control)

do (control)

double (data type)

else (control)

enum (data type)

extends (class-related)

finally (control)

float (data type)

for (control; iterator-style)

for (control; traditional-style)

goto (unused)

import (class-related)

instanceof (class-related)

int (data type)

interface (class-related)

long (data type)

native (modifier)

new (class-related)

package (class-related)

private (modifier)

protected (modifier)

public (modifier)

return (control)

short (data type)

static (modifier)

strictfp (modifier)

super (class-related)

switch (control)

synchronized (modifier)

this (class-related)

throw (control)

throws (class-related)

transient (modifier)

try (control)

void (data type)

volatile (modifier)

while (control)


Commonly Used Java API Classes and Interfaces

Boolean (class)

Cloneable (interface)

Comparable (interface)

DecimalFormat (class)

Double (class)

Float (class)

Integer (class)

Long (class)

NumberFormat (class)

Random (class)

Scanner (class)

Serializable (interface)

Short (class)

String (class)


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