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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Troubleshooting Handbook, 2nd edition

  • Billy C. Langley

Published by Pearson (May 16th 2002) - Copyright © 2003

2nd edition

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Troubleshooting Handbook

ISBN-13: 9780135787410

Includes: Hardcover
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What's included

  • Hardcover

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This text is a complete, practical guide to servicing and repairing heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment. It provides the information needed to make a quick diagnosis and repair. This guide first examines the conditions for ideal equipment operation, then proceeds to common and not-so-common malfunctions. This handbook, with its easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines, is a must for modern technicians.

Some key features of this book include:
  • all-in-one repair guide
  • in-depth coverage of heating, cooling, and refrigeration units
  • a series of troubleshooting charts showing every step in the repair process
  • a quick-access reference section providing repair tips and techniques, along with check-out procedures for all components
  • wiring diagrams to illustrate efficient wiring techniques and provide information on start-up and check-out procedures
  • in-depth coverage of air conditioning and refrigeration units
  • many photos, line drawings, and tables to clarify instructions
New to this edition:
  • New refrigerants are illustrated
  • EPA-required refrigerant handling procedures are used in exercises and procedures
  • Electronic control troubleshooting procedures

Table of contents

1. Component Troubleshooting.

2. Electronic Controls.

3. Start-Up Procedures.

4. Standard Service Procedures.

5. Representative Wiring Diagrams.

6. Safety Procedures.

7. Troubleshooting Charts.

8. Useful Engineering Data.


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