An Introduction to Psychological Science, Third Canadian Edition, 3rd edition

  • Mark Krause
  • Daniel Corts
  • Stephen C. Smith

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An Introduction to Psychological Science presents students with a model for scientific literacy; this model forms the core of how this book is written and organized. We believe a scientific literacy perspective and model will prove useful in addressing two course needs we often hear from instructors - to provide students with a systematic way to categorize the overwhelming amount of information they are confronted with, and to cultivate their curiosity and help them understand the relevance, practicality, and immense appeal of psychological science.

Psychological science is in a privileged position to help students hone their scientific literacy. It is both a rigorous scientific discipline and a field that studies the most complex of all phenomena: the behavioural, cognitive, and biological basis of behaviour. With this focus on behaviour, one can rightly argue that psychology resides at the hub or core of numerous other scientific disciplines; it also shares connections with neuroscience, education, and public health, to name a few linkages. From this perspective, the knowledge acquired by studying psychological science should transfer and apply to many other fields. This is great news when you consider that psychology is one of the few science courses that many undergraduates will ever take.

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Table of contents

1 Introducing Psychological Science
2 Reading and Evaluating Scientific Research
3 Biological Psychology
4 Sensation and Perception
5 Consciousness
6 Learning
7 Memory
8 Thought and Language
9 Intelligence Testing
10 Lifespan Development
11 Motivation and Emotion

12 Personality
13 Social Psychology
14 Health, Stress, and Coping
15 Psychological Disorders
16 Therapies

Published by Pearson Canada (January 2nd 2020) - Copyright © 2021