ASP.NET for Developers, 1st edition

  • Michael Amundsen
  • Paul Litwin

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ASP.NET For Developers focuses on teaching the reader ASP.NET using Visual Basic.NET in the most concise, straightforward manner possible. The book presents key concepts for using ASP.NET and VB.NET to efficiently create useful applications. The book contains specific, practical shortcuts and examples based on the extensive experiences of the authors, especially Amundsen's ground floor involvement with

Table of contents

 1. What are ASP+ and COM+ 2.0.

 2. Understanding the COM+ 2.0 Runtime Environment.

 3. Using ASP+ on Your Web Server.

II. Visual Basic 7.0 Quick Start.

 4. Understanding Visual Basic 7.0 Syntax and Structure.

 5. Using the Intrinsic Methods and Properties of Visual Basic.

 6. Importing Namespace Assemblies with Visual Basic 7.0.

III. Building Web Pages with the ASP+ Web Forms Technology.

 7. Introducing ASP+ Web Forms.

 8. Building Simple Pages with the HTML Server Controls.

 9. Creating Interactive Forms with Web Form Server Controls.

10. Designing Advanced user Interfaces with Web Form List Controls and Custom Web Controls.

11. Improving Your User Interfaces with Validation Controls.

IV. Accessing Databases with ADO+.

12. Understanding Data Access in the ASP+/COM+ 2.0 Environment.

13. Using ASP+ Data Binding to Access Your Database.

14. Accessing SQL Server Data with the SQL Data Object Library.

15. Accessing Non-SQL Server Data with the ADO Data Object Library.

V. Creating and Using Web Services.

16. Underwstanding the Web Service Model.

17. Exposing Web Services on Your Server.

18. Accessing Web Services from Other Applications.

VI. Configuration and Deploying ASP+ Solutions.

19. Deploying Your ASP+ Application in the COM+ 2.0 Environment.

20. Using the ASP+ Security Model.

21. Configuring Your ASP+ Configuration Model.

Published by Sams Publishing (December 14th 2001) - Copyright © 2001