ASP.Net, 1st edition

  • Stephen McGloughlin

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Table of contents

Web Guru: Beginner’s Guide to ASP.NET Web Development

Stephen McGloughlin




Intro & Preface

How to Use This Book


Beginners Guide to ASP.NET Web Development


Navigational Tools

Learning ASP.NET by Doing

This book and the World Wide Web

Beginners Guide to ASP.NET Web Development Web Site

Organization of the Book


Part 1: Getting started with ASP.NET

1. What is ASP.NET?

    What is ASP.NET?

    The Deficiencies of HTML

    Key features of ASP.NET

    Getting started: Your development client and server needs

    Your first ASP.NET application

2. Anatomy of an ASP.NET page

    Scripting vs. programming

    What are Visual Basic and VB Script?

    ASP.NET Order and format

    Clever and Simple code


    ASP.NET Syntax

    Variables and Data Types


    A brief word about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Inheritance     

    ASP.NET coding resources

3. Building and Troubleshooting a simple application in ASP.NET 

    Hands-on: Bringing the early pieces together.

    Progress tracing and troubleshooting


Part 2: ASP.NET Programming Building Blocks

4. Variables & Constants

    Declaring variables and constants

    ASP.NET pre-packaged constants

    Required correct usage

    Using variables and constants

5. Simple calculations in ASP.NET

    Math functions

    Using Boolean comparison operators

6. Text and Date/Time processing

    Using strings and string variables

    Formatting strings

    Common string functions

    Searching through and chopping up strings

    Dates and times are strings — how to process them


Part 3: Processing data with ASP.NET

7. Packaging your data with Web Forms and Web Controls

    Why use forms, and how do Web Controls work?

    Sneak preview: Databases and Data bound form objects    

    Form Data Processing

    Web Form structure

8. ASP.NET Objects and Components

    ASP.NET Server Objects and Components

    Application Object

    Session Object

    Input and Output Objects and Web Controls

    File Object

    HashTable Object

    SmtpMail Object

    3rd party objects and components

9. Directing your code — decisions, conditions and loops

    Conditional Clauses

    Loops and stepping through code

    On Error statement

10. Arrays and their usage

    Dimensioning an array

    Re-dimensioning an array

    A Close Look at the ArrayList and HashTable Objects and their use with/as an array

11. Creating Your Own Objects

    VB.NET Objects

    Creating Web Controls

    Creating objects with “class”

    The .NET Framework Namespaces


12. Central storage of key code: Write once, use many times.


    The Global.asax file

    User Controls and SSI (Server Side Includes)

    Cascading Style Sheets

    A word on configuration files


Part 4: Enhancing your ASP.NET Application with Database Connectivity

13. Databases, and how to use them with ASP.NET

    Using ADO.NET

    Microsoft Access and creating a database

    Using MSDE (SQL Server) to build database-driven Web applications

    Connecting your database to your ASP.NET application

    ActiveX Data Object (ADO) and DAC

    Creating a DataSet

    Data Bound Controls

14. ASP.NET database programming tools

    Useful include files and constants

    Structured Query Language (SQL) and it’s use

    Executing a SQL query

    Displaying your results

15. ASP.NET database manipulation

    Adding data to the database

    Updating the database changes

    Database errors and how to process them


Part 5: The Real World of ASP.NET

16. Real World ASP.NET Web applications

    Jumping from theory to real-world ASP.NET development

    Web Application Design

    A Real-World Application

    A Complete Online Enthusiasts Store

    ASP.NET Application Testing and Deployment

17. ASP.NET technology and the future

    ASP.NET versions and how to accommodate change

    Microsoft’s .NET community

    ASP.NET Web Services and the future with XML and XLS

    Careers in ASP.NET development


Part 6: Appendices

Appendix 1: ASP.NET Server Configuration

Appendix 2: ASP.NET Development Tools: Variables and Data Types

Appendix 3: ASP.NET Directives

Appendix 4: String Handling Functions

Appendix 5: Objects Methods and Properties

Appendix 6: VB Variable: Data Types, Scope, Lifetime and Conversion

Appendix 7: ASP.NET Directives

Appendix 8: ASP.NET String Handling

Appendix 9: ASP.NET Web Server Controls

Glossary of terms


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