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This new edition of one of the most respected and well-known texts in the field is a “must-have” resource for any teacher’s library. It presents an interactive perspective on reading and writing ability and disability, with an emphasis on understanding and addressing learners’ difficulties in relation to the instructional context. Completely updated throughout, An Interactive Approach to the assessment of Reading and Writing Difficulty, 5/e gives readers an extensive, in-depth, and up-to-date treatment of current research and best practices in reading assessment, diagnosis, and remediation.

Table of contents

SECTION 1       Theory into Practice 1

Chapter 1          Perspectives on Reading and Writing Ability

Chapter 2          An Interactive View of Reading and Writing

SECTION 2       Getting Started with the Assessment Instruction Process

Chapter 3          Reading and Writing Disability and the Assessment-Instruction Process

Chapter 4          Using Data to Understand Groups of Students and Identify Students for a Closer Look

SECTION 3       Evaluating the Context

Chapter 5          Evaluating the Instructional Environment/Context, Co-authored with Nancy DeFrance

Chapter 6          Instructional Resources    Co-authored with Nancy DeFrance

SECTION 4       Evaluating the Learner

Chapter 7          Assessing Young Readers and Writers

Chapter 8          Structured Inventories, Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Assessments

Chapter 9          Formative and Diagnostic Assessment

SECTION 5       Interactions: Assessment and Instruction as Inquiry

Chapter 10      Interactive Decision Making and Continuous Progress Monitoring

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