Automotive Chassis Systems, 8th edition

  • James D. Halderman


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For courses covering automotive brake, steering and suspension system topics.

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Automotive Chassis Systems covers the fundamentals of advanced brake, steering, and suspension system topics in 37 concise chapters that make teaching and learning easy. With a focus on preparing students for entry to the automotive service field and ASE certification, Halderman strategically guides students through on-the-job procedures using step-by-step photo sequences and practical applications. The 8th edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest ASE tasks and requirements, with new and expanded chapters and case studies.

Table of contents

  1. Service Information, Work Orders, and Vehicle Identification
  2. Tools and Safety
  3. Environmental and Hazardous Materials
  4. Braking System Components and Performance Standards
  5. Braking Principles and Friction Materials
  6. Brake Hydraulic Systems
  7. Hydraulic Valves and Switches
  8. Brake Fluid and Lines
  9. Brake Bleeding Methods and Procedures
  10. Wheel Bearings and Service
  11. Drum Brakes
  12. Drum Brake Diagnosis and Service
  13. Disc Brakes
  14. Disc Brake Diagnosis and Service
  15. Parking Brake Operation, Diagnosis, and Service
  16. Machining Brake Drums and Rotors
  17. Power Brake Unit Operation, Diagnosis, and Service
  18. ABS Components and Operation
  19. ABS Diagnosis and Service
  20. Electronic Stability Control Systems
  21. Regenerative Braking Systems
  22. Tires and Wheels
  23. Tire-Pressure Monitoring Systems
  24. Tire and Wheel Service
  25. Suspension System Components and Operation
  26. Front Suspension and Service
  27. Rear Suspension and Service
  28. Electronic Suspension Systems
  29. Steering Columns and Gears
  30. Steering Linkage and Service
  31. Hydraulic Power Steering Systems
  32. Electric Power Steering Systems
  33. Driveshafts and CV Joints
  34. Driveshaft and CV Joint Service
  35. Wheel Alignment Principles 
  36. Alignment Diagnosis and Service
  37. Vibration and Noise Diagnosis and Correction

Appendix 1: Sample Brakes (A5) ASE-type Certification Test With Answers 

Appendix 2: Sample Suspension And Steering (A4) ASE-type Certification Test 

Appendix 3: 2017 ASE A4 Correlation Chart

Appendix 4: 2017 ASE A5 Correlation Chart

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