Automotive Mathematics, 1st edition

  • Jason C. Rouvel

Automotive Mathematics

ISBN-13:  9780131148734

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Offering examples and applications tailored specifically to the automotive trades, Automotive Mathematics, 1st Edition, gives students a sound background in the mathematical skills necessary to be skilled and competent technicians. Early chapters of the text focus on fundamental mathematics skills such as ratios, percents, measurement systems and geometry; later chapters apply basic skills to topics such as engine balancing, camshaft event timing, modifying compression ratio, planetary gear ratios and hydraulics. Designed with versatility in mind, the text offers diverse problem sets (organized by level of difficulty), flexible organization, and in-depth examples that make math meaningful and relevant to the automotive technology student.

Table of contents

1.      Whole Number Operations with General Applications

2.      Decimal Operations with Applications to Measurement and Finance

3.      Fractional Operations with Applications to Measurement

4.      Ratio and Proportion

5.      Percent and Percent Applications

6.      The Metric System and Unit Conversion

7.      Geometry

8.      Signed Numbers

9.      Engine

10.  Crankshafts and Camshafts

11.  Thermodynamics

12.  Transmission and Gear Ratios

13.  Hydraulic Systems

14.  Electrical Systems

15.  Motion

16.  Repair Orders

Published by Pearson (June 7th 2006) - Copyright © 2007