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Basic Marketing Research with Excel, 3rd edition

  • Alvin C Burns
  • Ronald F. Bush

Published by Pearson (January 4th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

3rd edition

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A concise presentation of marketing research fundamentals.


Basic Marketing Research uses an Excel add-in software for data analysis, an integrated case, and experiential learning exercises to present a concise introduction to market research fundamentals. This text also provides readers with resources they can use in their careers.


The ISBN above is just for the standalone book,  if you want the book/IBM® SPSS® 18.0 Integrated Student Version you shoud order the ISBN listed below.


0132490633 / 9780132490634 Basic Marketing Research with Excel & IBM® SPSS® 18.0 Integrated Student Version Package

Package consists of

0132151715 / 9780132151719 IBM® SPSS® 18.0 Integrated Student Version

0135078229 / 9780135078228 Basic Marketing Research with Excel



Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Marketing Research
2. The Marketing Research Industry
3. The Marketing Research Process Including the Problem and Research Objectives
4. Research Design Alternatives and Qualitative Research
5. Information Types and Sources: Secondary Data and Standardized Information
6. Data Collection Methods
7. Measurement Scales
8. Designing Data Collection Forms
9. Determining Sample Size and the Sample Plan
10. Data Issues and Inputting Data into XL Data Analyst
11. Summarizing your Data
12. Generalizing your Findings
13. Finding Differences
14. Determining Relationships

15. Preparing and Presenting Your Research Report

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