Basic Quality Improvement, 1st edition

  • Susan Garrity

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A highly readable text covering: basic statistical tools as a foundation for complex techniques; summarizes quality improvement techniques and establishes their place in the total quality picture; in-depth analysis of customers and processes. All of these tools are applicable to both manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries.

Table of contents


 1. An Introduction.

 2. The Evolution of Statistical Process Control.

 3. Defining Problems and Setting Priorities.

 4. Analyzing the Process.

 5. Describing Data Using Statistics.

 6. Predicting Outcomes and Estimating Populations.

 7. Process Capability and Precontrol Charts.

 8. Control Charts.

 9. Variable Control Charts.

10. Attribute Control Charts.

11. Determining the Cause.

12. Continuous Process Improvement.


Appendix: Symbols and Formulas.


Published by Pearson (December 2nd 1992) - Copyright © 1993