Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS, 6th edition

  • Terry Felke-Morris


Basics of Web Design: HTML5, is a foundational introduction to beginning web design and web development. The text provides a balance of “hard” skills such as HTML 5, CSS, and “soft” skills such as web design and publishing to the Web, giving you a well-rounded foundation to pursue a career as a web professional.

Table of contents

  1. Internet and Web Basics
    The Internet and the Web
    Web Standards and Accessibility
    Web Browsers and Web Servers
    Internet Protocols
    Uniform Resource Identifiers and Domain Names
    Information on the Web
    HTML Overview
    Under the Hood of a Web Page
    Your First Web Page
    Review and Apply
  2. HTML Basics
    Heading Element
    Paragraph Element
    Line Break and Horizontal Rule
    Blockquote Element
    Phrase Element
    Ordered List
    Unordered List
    Description List
    Special Entity Characters
    HTML Syntax Validation
    Structural Elements
    Practice with Structural Elements
    More Structural Elements
    Anchor Element
    Practice with Hyperlinks
    E-Mail Hyperlinks
    Review and Apply
  3. Web Design Basics
    Your Target Audience
    Website Organization
    Principles of Visual Design
    Design to Provide for Accessibility
    Use of Text
    Web Color Palette
    Design for Your Target Audience
    Choosing a Color Scheme
    Use of Graphics and Multimedia
    More Design Considerations
    Navigation Design
    Wireframes and Page Layout
    Fixed and Fluid Layouts
    Design for the Mobile Web
    Responsive Web Design
    Web Design Best Practices Checklist
    Review and Apply
  4. Cascading Style Sheets Basics
    Cascading Style Sheets Overview
    CSS Selectors and Declarations
    CSS Syntax for Color Values
    Configure Inline CSS
    Configure Embedded CSS
    Configure External CSS
    CSS Selectors: Class, Id, and Descendant
    Span Element
    Practice with CSS
    The Cascade
    Practice with the Cascade
    CSS Syntax Validation
    Review and Apply
  5. Graphics & Text Styling Basics
    Graphics on the Web
    Img Element
    Image Hyperlinks
    Configure Background Images
    Position Background Images
    CSS Multiple Background Images
    Fonts with CSS
    CSS Text Properties
    Practice with Graphics and Text
    Configure List Markers with CSS
    The Favorites Icon
    Image Maps
    Figure and Figcaption Elements
    Review and Apply
  6. More CSS Basics
    Width and Height with CSS
    The Box Model
    Margin and Padding with CSS
    Borders with CSS
    CSS Rounded Corners
    Center Page Content with CSS
    CSS Box Shadow and Text Shadow
    CSS Background Clip and Origin
    CSS Background Resize and Scale
    Practice with CSS Properties
    CSS Opacity
    CSS RGBA Color
    CSS HSLA Color
    CSS Gradients
    Review and Apply
  7. Page Layout Basics
    Normal Flow
    Clear a Float
    CSS Box Sizing
    Basic Two-Column Layout
    Vertical Navigation with an Unordered List
    Horizontal Navigation with an Unordered List
    CSS Interactivity with Pseudo-Classes
    Practice with CSS Two-Column Layout
    CSS for Print
    CSS Sprites
    Positioning with CSS
    Fixed Position Navigation Bar
    Fragment Identifiers
    Single Page Website
    Review and Apply
  8. Responsive Layout Basics
    CSS Flexible Box Layout
    More About Flex Containers
    Flexbox Image Gallery
    Configure Flex Items
    Practice with Flexbox
    CSS Grid Layout
    Grid Columns, Rows, and Gap
    Two-Column Grid Page Layout
    Layout with Grid Areas
    Progressive Enhancement with Grid
    Centering with Flexbox and Grid
    Viewport Meta Tag
    CSS Media Queries
    Responsive Layout with Media Queries
    Responsive Grid Layout with Media Queries
    Flexible Images with CSS
    Picture Element
    Responsive Img Element Attributes
    Testing Mobile Display
    Review and Apply
  9. Table Basics
    Table Overview
    Table Rows, Cells, and Headers
    Span Rows and Columns
    Configure an Accessible Table
    Style a Table with CSS
    CSS Structural Pseudo-classes
    Configure Table Sections
    Review and Apply
  10. Form Basics
    Form Overview
    Input Element and Text Box
    Submit Button and Reset Button
    Check Box and Radio Button
    Textarea Element
    Select Element and Option Element
    Label Element
    Fieldset Element and Legend Element
    Style a Form with CSS
    Form Layout with CSS Grid
    Server-Side Processing
    Practice with a Form
    Password, Hidden, and File Upload Controls
    More Text Form Controls
    Datalist Element
    Slider and Spinner Controls
    Date and Color-Well Controls
    More Form Practice
    Review and Apply
  11. Media and Interactivity Basics
    Getting Started with Audio and Video
    Audio Element and Source Element
    Video Element and Source Element
    Practice with Video
    Iframe Element
    CSS Transform Property
    CSS Transition Property
    Practice with Interactivity
    CSS Drop-Down Menu
    Details Element and Summary Element
    JavaScript & jQuery
    HTML5 APIs
    Review and Apply
  12. Web Publishing Basics
    File Organization
    Register a Domain Name
    Choose a Web Host
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    Publish with File Transfer Protocol
    Search Engine Submission
    Search Engine Optimization
    Accessibility Testing
    Usability Testing
    Review and Apply

HTML5 Cheat Sheet
CSS Cheat Sheet
WCAG 2.1 Quick Reference
Landmark Roles with ARIA
Web Safe Color Palette

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