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Brilliant Business Creativity: What the Best Business Creatives Know, Do and Say, 1st edition

  • Richard Hall

Published by FT Press (December 16th 2009) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

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With budgets being cut and competition fierce, thinking creatively in business has never been so important. Brilliant Business Creativity is an entertaining guide to one of the most important business topics today.

A hands-on skills set book, you’ll discover all the techniques you need to be creative. It highlights how creativity is taking shape in the business world and approaches the topic from both a macro and micro level; how you can get your organisation to be more creative, and how you can be creative yourself.


It’s an ideal first step into the world of creativity for all those who thought creativity belonged to a creative elite – the reality is that everyone is creative.



• Lessons in finding inspiration.

• The ten most creative things that have ever happened in business.

• The ten most creative products in business.

• How to think, act and talk creatively.


Nominated for CMI Management Book of the Year 2010 in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship category

Table of contents

1. What everybody wants (really, really wants)

2. What we say about creativity and what we actually want in real life

3. First steps in learning how to be creative in business

4. Learning the art of creativity

5. Getting your creative juices flowing

6. Applying creativity

7. A creative checklist about you

8. Creative crunch time: ‘team techniques’ for creative workshops

9. Behaving so creativity becomes normal

10. How to measure creativity

11. How to sell creativity

12. Using our creative minds to design change

13. Learning to play with ideas for profit

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