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For undergraduate and graduate courses in Business Data Communication / Networking (MIS).


Prepare for the modern workplace with networking and security essentials

With a clear writing style and a focus on contemporary technologies, Business Data Networks and Security guides readers through the details of networking, while effectively training them for the demands of the modern workplace. Authors Panko and Panko start with the basics –including the Internet, security, and network design – and move on to the latest in networking techniques and wireless networking, all while emphasizing security. The 11th Edition helps readers form a firm foundation, including sound job-related training, in the context of the latest updates and advances in the field.

Table of contents

1. Core Network Concepts and Terminology
1a. Hands-On: A Few Internet Tools
2. Network Standards
3. Network Management
3a. Hands-On: Microsoft Office Visio
4. Network Security
5. Ethernet (802.3) Switched LANs
5a. Hands-On: Cutting and Connectorizing UTP
6. Wireless LANs I
6a. Hands-On: Using Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
7. Wireless LANs II
8. TCP/IP Internetworking I
8a. Hands-On: Wireshark Packet Capture
9. TCP/IP Internetworking II
9a. Cisco’s IOS Command Line Interface (CLI)
10. Carrier Wide Area Networks (WANs)
11. Networked Applications

Online Modules
Module A. More on TCP
Module B. More on Modulation
Module C. More on Telecommunications
Module D. Directory Servers

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