Butterflies of Alabama, 1st edition

  • W Mike Howell
  • Vitaly Charny


Butterflies of Alabama contains identifying characteristics for each species along with life history information including ecology, behavior, Alabama distribution, and up-to-date taxonomic information on each butterfly family and species.


Other chapters provide pertinent information about:


·        detailed species accounts and original photographs of 126 species of Alabama butterflies

·        detailed data collected over a nine-year period on Alabama butterflies, with 22,448 specimens counted and identified from 519 field trips

·        the human need to study butterflies

·        why butterflies are important to the citizens of Alabama

·        why butterflies are in trouble and in danger of becoming endangered in our State

·        descriptions of butterfly anatomy

·        details of butterfly metamorphosis

·        Alabama’s unique geology and climate and how these are linked to our great butterfly diversity

·        tips on field observations of butterflies

·        how to photograph butterflies in the field

·        butterfly conservation: saving Alabama’s butterflies

·        butterfly gardening in Alabama

·        tips on gathering data on Alabama butterflies

·        list of great places to look for butterflies: Alabama’s public parks and gardens

·        list of caterpillar host plants in Alabama

·        list of nectar plants in Alabama for adult butterflies

·        glossary, bibliography and index are included

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