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C Program Design for Engineers, 2nd edition

  • Jeri R. Hanly
  • Elliot B. Koffman

Published by Pearson (November 27th 2000) - Copyright © 2001

2nd edition

C Program Design for Engineers

ISBN-13: 9780201708714

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This book presents introductory programming and software development concepts to engineers using a disciplined approach. It provides numerous case studies and programming projects based on real-world examples from a wide range of engineering areas, making the material relevant to what engineers will encounter in their careers; the authors introduce implementations of basic numerical and statistical methods commonly used by engineers. Another feature is the addition of a chapter entitled "On to C++" that prepares readers for a transition to object-oriented programming. KEY TOPICS: The book focuses on many aspects of software engineering, establishing early the connection between good problem-solving skills and effective software development. A five-phase software development method is presented in Chapter 1 and applied in every subsequent case study throughout. The book presents material in an order that meets the needs of a beginning programmer, rather than by the structure of the C programming language. This approach makes it possible to present fundamental concepts using traditional high-level terminology--output parameter, array, array subscript, string--and makes it easier for readers without a prior assembly-language background to master the many facets of pointer usage. MARKET: This book is designed to introduce C programming to engineers in a way that is relevant to their engineering practice.

Table of contents

(Each Chapter concludes with "Common Programming Errors" and a "Chapter Review.")

1. Overview of Computers and Software.

Computer Components.

Computer Software.

Computing for Engineers.

The Software Development Method.

Applying the Software Development Method.

Case Study: Converting Miles to Kilometers.

2. Overview of C.

C Language Elements.

Variable Declarations and Data Types.

Executable Statements.

General Form of a C Programs.

Case Study: Finding the Area and Circumference of a Circle.

Formatting Numbers in Program Output.

Interactive Mode, Batch Mode, and Data Files.

3. Data Types, Operators, and Simple Functions.

Representation of Data Types.

Arithmetic Expressions.

Extending a Problem Solution.

Case Study: Quality Control in Manufacturing Flat Washers.

Functions Implementing Additional Operators.

Simple User-Defined Functions

4. Selection Structures: if and switch Statements.

Control Structures.


The if Statement.

if Statements with Compound Statements.

Nested if Statements and Multiple-Alternative Decisions.

Decision Steps in Algorithms.

Case Study: Computing Compass Bearings.

The switch Statement.

5. Repetition and Loop Statements.

Repetition in Programs: Using Loops to Solve Problems.

Counting Loops and the while Statement.

Computing a Sum or a Product in a Loop.

The for Statement.

Conditional Loops.

Loop Design.

Nested Control Structures.

The do-while Statement and Flag-Controlled Loops.

Problem Solving Illustrated.

Case Study: Computing Radiation Levels.

How to Debug and Test Programs.

6. Modular Programming.

Functions with Input Arguments.

Problem Solving with Top-Down Design.

Case Study: Finding Prime Numbers.

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