Canadian Advertising in Action, 11th edition

  • Keith Tuckwell

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Praised for its clear writing style and solid Canadian examples, Advertising in Action provides a clear picture of the advertising industry. This book is ideal for courses that focus primarily on advertising while introducing students to the broader topic of integrated marketing communications.


Similar to previous editions, the book remains student-friendly. Key concepts are presented in easy-to read language and numerous examples and illustrations, written and visual, are included to demonstrate key concepts and related advertising and marketing communications strategies.

Table of contents

Part 1:Advertising and Marketing Communications Today

Chapter 1: Advertising in a Marketing Communications Environment

Chapter 2: The Advertising Industry

Part 2: Marketing Communications Planning

Chapter 3: Consumer Behaviour Concepts and Target Marketing

Chapter 4: Strategic Planning Concepts for Marketing Communications

Part 3: Creating the Message

Chapter 5: Creative Planning Essentials

Chapter 6: Design, Layout, and Production

Part 4: Communicating the Message: Planning Message Placement

Chapter 7: Media Planning Essentials

Chapter 8: Print Media: Newspapers and Magazines

Chapter 9: Broadcast Media: Television and Radio

Chapter 10: Out-of-Home Media

Chapter 11: Direct Response Media

Chapter 12: Interactive Media

Part 5: Communicating the Message: Integrated Media Choices

Chapter 13: Sales Promotion

Chapter 14: Public Relations and Experiential Marketing

Appendix I: Marketing Communications

Appendix II: Advertising Regulations

Appendix III: Glossary


Published by Pearson Canada (January 5th 2017) - Copyright © 2018