Canadian Criminal Justice System, The, 2nd edition

  • Thomas Fleming
  • Subhas Ramcharan
  • Ken Dowler
  • Willem de Lint

Canadian Criminal Justice System, The

ISBN-13:  9780131992467


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The Canadian Criminal Justice System, 2nd Edition, offers a comprehensive, clear and compelling overview of the criminal justice system in Canada today.  This text contains strong pedagogical features, such as boxes on policing information and discussion topics, and also includes unique coverage of the theories of crime causation and law and social control, all written in a lively and engaging style.

Table of contents



Chapter 1 — Criminal Justice: An Introduction

Chapter 2 — Crime Statistics

NEW Chapter 3 — Criminal Law

NEW Chapter 4 — Law, Social Control and Theoretical Considerations of Criminality 

Chapter 5 — The Police

Chapter 6 — The Court System

Chapter 7 — Corrections

Chapter 8 — The Prison System

Chapter 9 — Alternatives to the Prison System

Chapter 10 — Victims of Crime

Chapter 11 — The Future of Crime Control

Published by Pearson Canada (January 22nd 2007) - Copyright © 2008