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  5. Canadian Government and Administration: A Policing Perspective

Canadian Government and Administration: A Policing Perspective, 1st edition

  • Paul McKenna

Published by Pearson Canada (July 1st 2003) - Copyright © 2003

1st edition

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Police Foundations courses in Canadian Government and Administration

This publication, the third installment in the Police Powers series, offers students a better understanding of Canadian government and administration as it relates to police powers in Canada. This text provides a useful and reliable foundation for those working to enhance their knowledge of Canadian policing.

Table of contents

 1. The Fundamentals of Political Science and Public Administration.

 2. The Essentials of the Canadian Political System.

 3. Canadian Constitutional Issues.

 4. The Political Process.

 5. Policing in a Political Context.

 6. The Origins of Public Administration.

 7. Canadian Policy-Making in Action.

 8. Canadian Government Bureaucracy.

 9. Critical Issues in Safety Security and Surveillance.

10. The Future of Canadian Political Realm and Public Administration.

Appendix: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


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