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Canadian Industrial Relations, 3rd edition

  • Jon Peirce
  • Karen Joy Bentham

Published by Pearson Canada (April 1st 2006) - Copyright © 2006

3rd edition

Canadian Industrial Relations

ISBN-13: 9780131277939

Includes: Paperback

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What's included

  • Paperback

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This text provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of study covering all aspects of employment relations. Coverage is national in scope and spans private, public, and parapublic sectors. This new edition is highly readable, up-to-date, fresh in its approach, and it has an excellent writing style --qualities often found lacking in other IR texts. Canadian Industrial Relations includes separate chapters on Management and Industrial Relations, Employment Legislation, and Strikes and Lockouts.This new third edition builds on the  success of the previous two editions with streamlined and updated content and by providing additional pedagogy.

Table of contents

Chapter 1    Introduction to Industrial Relations

Chapter 2    The Environment and Management of Industrial Relations

Chapter 3    The History of the Canadian Labour Movement

Chapter 4    Union Membership and Sturcture

Chapter 5    Union Actions and Impacts

Chapter 6    Employment Legislation

Chapter 7    Collective Bargaining Legislation

Chapter 8    Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector

Chapter 9    The Process of Negotiation

Chapter 10    The Collective Agreement

Chapter 11    Strikes and Lockouts

Chapter 12    Grievances: Functions, Resolution, and Prevention

Chapter 13    Industrial Relations Around the World

Chapter 14    Key Themes and Issues

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