Canadian Social Policy: A New Introduction, 5th edition

  • John R Graham
  • Micheal L. Shier
  • Roger Delaney

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Canadian Social Policy: An Introduction examines major social policy considerations in Canada. It is intended for an audience of graduate, senior undergraduate, and senior community college students in social work, and for professionals who want to update their knowledge of current policy contexts. It is also intended to offer insights to students and practitioners of other disciplines, such as anthropology, business administration, Canadian studies, clinical psychology, development studies, divinity, economics, education, geography, history, nursing, occupational therapy, political science, public administration, rehabilitation studies, and sociology.

The market leader in policy analysis and social work studies, Canadian Social Policy is a comprehensive text with well-respected authors, a strong framework for analyzing social policies, and a much needed Canadian perspective. It balances concepts such as feminism, postmodernism, and social diversity with examinations of major social policy considerations in Canada and the world.

Table of contents

1    Introduction to Canadian Social Policy
2    Historical Influences
3    Contemporary Social Policy Structures

4    Ideological, Social, and Economic Influences
5    Social Policy and Emerging Realities
6    Diversity and Social Policy
7    Social Policy and Social Work Practice
8    Social Policy Analysis
9    Future Directions in Canadian Social Policy and Social Welfare

Published by Pearson Canada (January 3rd 2017) - Copyright © 2018