Capital Investment Analysis for Engineering and Management, 3rd edition

  • John R. Canada
  • William G. Sullivan
  • Dennis J. Kulonda
  • John A. White

Capital Investment Analysis for Engineering and Management

ISBN-13:  9780131434080

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This guide enables engineers and engineering managers to communicate effectively with financial professionals, while offering a balanced presentation of the basics of engineering economic analysis. KEY TOPICS: Focuses on real management situations. Provides accounting/cost accounting fundamentals to measure results. Introduces the concept of “options analysis” applied to capital investment decisions. Aids in conducting economic analyses with liberal use of spreadsheets. Introduces tax considerations and their consequences. MARKET: For those interested in learning more about capital investment decision methodologies, particularly engineers and engineering managers.

Table of contents

Part One: Basic Concepts: Value, Cost and Accounting

Chapter 1: Value Creation and Financial Accounting

Chapter 2: Cost Measurement and the Cost Accounting System

Chapter 3: Relevant Costs and Revenues and Estimating

Part Two: Basic Capital Investment Analysis: Applications

Chapter 4: Computations Involving Interest

Chapter 5: Equivalent Worth Methods for Comparing Alternatives

Chapter 6: Rate of Return Methods for Comparing Alternative

Chapter 7: Consideration of Depreciation and Income Taxes

Chapter 8: Dealing with Price Changes in Capital Investment Analysis

Chapter 9: Replacement Analysis

Chapter 10: New Product and Expansion Analysis

Chapter 11: Capital Planning and Budgeting

Part Three: Capital Investment Analyses in an Uncertain World Formal Assessments

Chapter 12: Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty

Chapter 13: Sensitivity Analysis

Chapter 14: Analytical and Simulation Approaches to Risk Analysis

Chapter 15: Decision Criteria and Methods for Risk and Uncertainty

Chapter 16: Decision Tree Analysis

Part Four: Specialized Topics in Capital Investment Analysis

Chapter 17: Capital Investment Decisions as Options

Chapter 18: Activity-Based Costing and Management

Chapter 19: Multi-Attribute Decision Making and the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Appendix: Interest Tables, etc.

Inside Front Cover: Glossary of Commonly Used Symbols and Abbreviations for Capital Investment Analysis

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