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Careers in Media, 2nd edition

  • Michael P. Savoie
  • Frank Barnas
Careers in Media

ISBN-13: 9780205723812

Includes: Paperback

2nd edition

Published byPearson (March 4th 2009) - Copyright © 2010

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  • Paperback

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The 2/e of this brief book profiles employment opportunities in media and points out often overlooked options for students seeking a job in the highly selective and competitive media world. Included is a discussion of portfolio development and valuable appendices with state and job websites.

Table of contents

1. Overview of Media Careers

The Media Fields

Occupational Statistics

Career Categories


Motion Picture and Video Industries

Advertising and Public Relations


2. Print, Magazine, and Photojournalism

The Written Word



Editorial Employment Sectors in Print

The Editorial Staff

Related Editorial Positions

Non-Editorial Employment Sectors in Print


3. Audio and Radio

The Evolution of Radio

The Traditional Radio Industry

Employment Opportunities in Radio

On-Air and Production


Sales and Support

Audio Positions That Complement Video

The Music Recording Industry


4. Television and Broadcast Video

The Dominance of Television

Television Markets

The Networks

Salaries and Job Expectations

Television Station Positions

Employment Forecasts


Sales and Traffic




5 Corporate and Non-Broadcast Media

Media for Specific Audiences

In-House Media Groups

Corporate Production

Production Designations and Descriptions


6 Motion Pictures

The Motion Picture Industry

Feature Film Production

Commercial Production

Music Video Production

Production Designations and Descriptions


7 New Media

The Growth of New Media



Motion Pictures

Portable and Wireless Technologies

Video Games

Production Designations and Descriptions


8 Advertising and Public Relations

Careers in Advertising and Public Relations


Public Relations

Job Outlook

Occupational Designations and Descriptions


9 Educational Media

Interconnecting Mass Media and Education

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Terminal and Non-Terminal Degrees

Positions at Colleges and Universities

Positions at Middle and High Schools

Distance Learning and Access Channels


10 Portfolio Development

Competition in the Job Market


The Resume

The Cover Letter

The Video Demo Tape

The Slate and Contact Information

Video Samples for the Demo Tape

Writing Samples

The Audio Demo Tape

Tearsheets and Campaigns

Submitting the Portfolio


Appendix A: State Websites


Appendix B: Employment Websites


Appendix C: Collegiate Media Organizations


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