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  5. Case Studies in Preparation for the California Reading Competency Test (Subscription)

Case Studies in Preparation for the California Reading Competency Test, 4th edition

  • Joanne C. Rossi
  • Beth E. Schipper

Published by Pearson (February 3rd 2011) - Copyright © 2012

4th edition

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Case Studies in Preparation for the California Reading Competency Test (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132999205

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Table of contents


Domain I: Planning and Organizing Reading Instruction Based

on Ongoing Assessment

Content Area 1: Conducting Ongoing Assessment of Reading Development

1.1 Principles of assessment

1.2 Assessing reading levels

1.3 Using and communicating assessment results

Content Area 2: Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading Instruction

2.1 Factors involved in planning reading instruction

2.2 Organizing and managing reading instruction

Domain II: Developing Phonological and Other Linguistic

Processes Related to Reading

Content Area 3: Phonemic Awareness

3.1 Assessing phonemic awareness

3.2 The role of phonemic awareness

3.3 Developing phonemic awareness

Content Area 4: Concepts About Print

4.1 Assessing concepts about print

4.2 Concepts about print

4.3 Letter recognition

Content Area 5: Systematic, Explicit Phonics and Other Word Identification


5.1 Assessing phonics and other word identification strategies

5.2 Explicit phonics instruction

5.3 Developing fluency

5.4 Word identification strategies

5.5 Sight words

5.6 Terminology


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viii Case Studies in Preparation for the California Reading Competency Test ¿

Content Area 6: Spelling Instruction

6.1 Assessing spelling

6.2 Systematic spelling instruction

6.3 Spelling instruction in context

Domain III: Developing Reading Comprehension and Promoting

Independent Reading

Content Area 7: Reading Comprehension

7.1 Assessing reading comprehension

7.2 Fluency and other factors affecting comprehension

7.3 Facilitating comprehension

7.4 Different levels of comprehension

7.5 Comprehension strategies

Content Area 8: Literary Response and Analysis

8.1 Assessing literary response and analysis

8.2 Responding to literature

8.3 Literary analysis

Content Area 9: Content Area Literacy

9.1 Assessing content area literacy

9.2 Different types of texts and purposes for reading

9.3 Study skills

Content Area 10: Student Independent Reading

10.1 Encouraging independent reading

10.2 Supporting at-home reading

Domain IV: Supporting Reading Through Oral and Written

Language Development

Content Area 11: Relationships Among Reading, Writing, and Oral Language

11.1 Assessing oral and written language

11.2 Oral language development

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