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Chinese Link: Beginning Chinese, Traditional Character Version, Level 1/Part 1, 2nd edition

  • Suemei Wu
  • Yueming Yu
  • Yanhui Zhang
  • Weizhong Tian

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Chinese Link, 2e provides a practical, learner-centered and enjoyable language and cultural learning experience for beginning students of Chinese, as well as an efficient and comprehensive teaching resource for instructors.


This best-selling text takes care to introduce and explain grammar points clearly and systematically, yet not in a fashion that would be overwhelming to beginners. In keeping with the communicative focus of the text, grammar points are related to communicative task-oriented content. The textbook presents both traditional (complex) and simplified versions of Chinese characters, since learners will encounter both forms during their course of study or in travel abroad.  Photographs and drawings make the text vivid and eye-catching, and to provide visual cues to aid in communicative exercises and activities. And the Video Program to accompany the “Language in Use” sections enhances the in-text dialogues by presenting them in authentic settings. 

Table of contents


Ch. 1: Greetings

Ch. 2: Names

Ch. 3: Nationality & Languages

Ch. 4: School Life

Ch. 5: Making Introductions
Ch. 6: Family & Communities

Ch. 7: Addresses

Ch. 8: Meeting & Making Plans

Ch. 9: Phone Calls

Ch. 10: Time & Schedules

Ch. 11: Ordering Food

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Published by Pearson (January 3rd 2010) - Copyright © 2011