Classical Mind Essys Hnr, 1st edition

  • AW Roscoe

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To celebrate the 60th birthday and the achievement of C.A.R. Hoare, a rich assembly of contributors have pulled together to provide a volume of essays which are dedicated to Tony Hoare and his approach to Computer Science. Recognizing the huge difference that Tony has made to the way that computing is perceived each contributor has a very personal way of expressing their respect for his commitment and enterprise. To be included with the Hoare Computer Science Series. KEY TOPICS: Reads like a who's who of computing, each paper written by a key person in the field. MARKET: Niche market, but has the ability to appeal to a wide range of lecturers, students, librarians.

Table of contents

1. Interaction Categories and Communicating Sequential Processes2. Relational Program Derivation and Context-free Language Recognition3. Formal Model of Robots: Geometry and kinematics4. Fair Communicating Processes5. Hiding and Behaviour: An Institutional approach6. Monitors Revisited7. On the design of Calculational Proofs8. Proof of Correctness of Object Representations9. A Mechanized Hoare Logic of State Transitions10. Constant-space Quicksort11. From CSP to Hybrid Systems12. Abstractions of Time13. Software Development Method14. Process Algebra Arguments about an Object-based Design Notation15. Bracket Notation for the 'Coefficient of' Operator16. Implementing Coherent Memory17. How to Design a Parallel Computer18. Powerlist: A Structure for parallel recursion19. The Cuppest Capjunctive Capping, and Galois20. The Advantages of Free Choice:  A symmetric and fully distributed solution21. Model-checking CSP22. The Semantics of Id23. Correctness of Data Representations on Algol-like Languages24. Software is History!25. A Mean Value Calculus of Durations

Published by Pearson (January 1st 1994) - Copyright © 1994