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Classroom Assessment: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Real Classrooms, 2nd edition

  • Catherine S. Taylor
  • Susan B. Nolen
Classroom Assessment: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Real Classrooms

ISBN-13: 9780132335546

Includes: Paperback

2nd edition

Published by Pearson (July 9th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

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  • Paperback

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Now in its second edition, this exceptionally lucid and practical assessment text provides a wealth of powerful concrete examples to help students understand assessment concepts and effectively use assessment to support learning. Rather than treat assessment separately from instruction, this book’s unique approach treats assessment as a central factor in the life of a teacher every day, whether it's part of planning instruction, composing small study groups, or communicating test results to pupils, parents, and principals.


Extensive practical applications with concrete, real-world examples provide future teachers hands-on experience with the real work of students and teachers.

  • Exceptionally clear step-by-step guidance on how to construct and use assessments, including grading student artifacts and the inclusion of a complete test.   (For examples see pages 301 and 216)
  • Teaches readers how to create a range of assessments that effectively assess student progress toward learning goals.


Unique coverage of child development issues in assessment–examining ways to use assessment to support student learning across the developmental span from kindergarten through high school.

  • Helps future teachers understand what is and is not effective assessment practice at different grade levels. (For examples see pages 129 and 234) 


Unique chapter-by-chapter coverage of adapting assessment for students with special needs.  Provides a basic understanding of specific challenges in this type of assessment and ideas for effective adaptations.

  • Includes more coverage than any other classroom assessment text on how to adapt assessment to the needs of students with disabilities and students whose first language is not English. (For examples see pages 195 and 237) 

Table of contents


 1. Introduction to Assessment

 2. What is Worth Teaching and Assessing?

 3. Effects of Classroom-Based Assessments on Students



4. Assessment of Learning in Progress

5.  Assessment of Valued Performances



 6. Introduction to Classroom Testing

 7. Traditional Item Development

 8. Performance Item Development



 9. Portfolio Assessment

10. Grades and Grading Processes

11. Communicating with Others about Student Learning

12. Using Information from Standardized Tests


Appendix A: Washington State Certificate of Academic Achievement Options Technical Advisory Board Members

Appendix B: Washington State National Technical Advisory Committee Members



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