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Climatology: An Atmospheric Science, 3rd edition

  • John J. Hidore
  • John E. Oliver
  • Mary Snow
  • Richard Snow

Published by Pearson (April 30th 2020) - Copyright © 2010

3rd edition

Climatology: An Atmospheric Science

ISBN-13: 9780321602053

Includes: Hardcover
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Taking the study of atmospheric science beyond the daily weather map, Climatology explores the broader impacts of weather and climate. The authors cover multiple facets of climate, many of which play a significant role in everyday life—and examine many topics, such as past climates, that are seldom adequately covered in other introductions to the subject. The science behind widely publicized events is explained within the systematic coverage of climate and climatology. The relationships between climate and peopleare discussed in detail, and readers are shown how common things ranging from wind-chill to architecture are understood in the wider context of climate. In the Third Edition, data and information have been updated throughout and significant coverage is devoted to climate change.
KEY TOPICS: Climatology in the World Today; Energy and the Climate System; Atmospheric Temperatures; Climate and the Hydrologic Cycle; Wind and Circulation Patterns; Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions; Air Mass and Synoptic Climatology; Air Mass and Synoptic Climatology; Climatology of Atmospheric Storms; Natural Causes of Climate Change; Reconstruction of Past Climates; Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming; Climate Change and the Physical Environment; Climate Change and the Living World; Changes in Atmospheric Chemistry; Regional Climates: Scales of Study; Tropical Climates; Mid-Latitude Climates; Polar and Highland Climates; The Human Response to Climate; Climate, Agriculture, and Industry.
MARKET: A useful reference for anyone who wants to learn more about Earth’s climate and weather.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1    Climatology in the World Today
  • Chapter 2    Energy and the Climate System
  • Chapter 3    Atmospheric Temperatures    
  • Chapter 4    Climate and the Hydrologic Cycle
  • Chapter 5    Wind and Circulation Patterns
  • Chapter 6    Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions
  • Chapter 7    Air Mass and Synoptic Climatology
  • Chapter 8    Climatology of Atmospheric Storms
  • Chapter 9    Natural Causes of Climate Change
  • Chapter 10    Reconstruction of Past Climates
  • Chapter 11    Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
  • Chapter 12    Climate Change and the Physical Environment
  • Chapter 13    Climate Change and the Living World   
  • Chapter 14    Changes in Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Chapter 15    Regional Climates: Scales of Study
  • Chapter 16    Tropical Climates          
  • Chapter 17    Mid-Latitude Climates
  • Chapter 18    Polar and Highland Climates
  • Chapter 19    The Human Response to Climate
  • Chapter 20    Climate, Agriculture, and Industry
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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