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Communication and Communication Disorders: A Clinical Introduction, 4th edition

  • Pelagie M. Beeson
  • Elena M. Plante

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Featuring contributions from leading experts, Communication and Communication Disorders: A Clinical Introduction, 4e blends science, clinical applications, and introductory concepts to help readers develop a sound understanding of the field. Appropriate for both majors and non-majors, the text’s consistent format and unifying organization address communication disorders involving articulation, fluency, voice and swallowing, language, and hearing. Focusing on communication disorders over the lifespan, the text balances speech-language pathology and audiology and includes separate chapters devoted to child and adult disorders. This edition includes a new chapter on pediatric audiology; expanded discussion of language acquisition; and more information on autism, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and childhood aphasia. Case illustrations, figures, and photographs are used liberally to illustrate concepts and a capstone chapter highlights possible careers.

Table of contents

Table of Contents


1.      Introduction to the Professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

2.      The Biological Foundations of Speech and Language

3.      Sounds in Communication

4.      Disorders of Speech Sound Production

5.      Disorders of Fluency

6.      Disorders of Voice and Swallowing

7.      Language

8.      Disorders of Language in Children

9.      Disorders of Language in Adults

10.  The Biological Foundation of Hearing

11.  Disorders of Hearing in Children

12.  Disorders of Hearing in Adults

13.  Professional Issues

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Published by Pearson (August 14th 2012) - Copyright © 2013