Communication Circuit, The: Reading and Writing Skills, 6th edition

  • June Baker

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Appropriate for Developmental English courses (sentence/paragraph level).

This self-paced text is designed to help students improve their reading and writing skills. It takes an integrated approach, linking comprehension and composition skills, precis writing and reading skills, sentence combining and paragraphing skills, the use of the dictionary, spelling grammar, and punctuation. Each of the eight units begins with an overview and learning objectives; pre-tests and post-tests enable students to assess their skills and weaknesses.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each unit begins with an Overview, Learning Objectives, and Pre-test, and ends with a Post-test.)

1. Discovering Vocabulary Skills.

Word Construction. Context Clues.

2. Reading for Comprehension.

Main Ideas. Organizational Patterns in Reading. Outlining. Organization Including Major and Minor Details.

3. Developing Good Study Skills.

Studying Written Materials. Using Study Skills for Listening and Note-taking.

4. Making the Connection.

Spelling and Vocabulary. Sentence Structure. Summary and Precis Writing.

5. Putting the Basics Together.

Spelling—Plural Forms. Subject-Verb Agreement. Basic Uses of the Comma. Outlining—The Thinking and Planning Stage.

6. Communicating Correctly.

Spelling—Words with the ei or ie and Confusing Words. Verbs. The Comma and the Semicolon. Composition Skills: Writing a Single Paragraph.

7. Writing More Skillfully.

Spelling—Final Consonants. Pronouns and Prepositions. The Apostrophe and Its Uses. Composition Skills: Writing a Two-Paragraph Composition.

8. Completing the Circuit.

Spelling—ible or able?—the final y. Modifiers and Parallel Structures. Composition Skills: Writing a Short Expository Essay. Study Techniques for Writing Essay Examinations. Ways to Overcome Stress and Fear.

Internet Resource Guide.

Answers to Pretests.

Glossary of Terms.



Published by Pearson Canada (August 13th 1999) - Copyright © 2000