Communication for Business: A Practical Approach, 4th edition

  • Shirley Taylor

Communication for Business

ISBN-13:  9780273687658


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The fourth edition of Communications for Business is a comprehensive textbook, workbook, and reference book rolled into one. This book will help readers to develop confidence and expertise in composing effective business communications.

This book will be helpful to anyone who is working or training to work in an administrative, managerial or secretarial role which demands good communication and business English skills.

This book should prove useful to students wishing to take the following examinations:

  • Pitman Qualifications English for Business Communication
  • LCCI Examinations Board English for Business
  • RSA Examinations Board Communication in Business

Table of contents

About the author
Preface to the fourth edition

Section One: The nature of communication

Unit 1. Business communication basics
Unit 2. Speaking, listening and non-verbal communication
Unit 3. Use of English

Section Two: Business letters

Unit 4. Introducing the business letter
Unit 5. Rules of good writing
Unit 6. Recruitment correspondence

Section Three: Telecommunications

Unit 7. Fax messages
Unit 8. Electronic mail

Section Four: Internal communication

Unit 9. Memos
Unit 10. Reports
Unit 11. Meetings

Section Five: Persuasive communication

Unit 12. Circulars and sales letters
Unit 13. Publicity material
Unit 14. Notices, advertisements and leaflets

Section Six: Visual and oral communication

Unit 15. Forms and questionnaires
Unit 16. Visual presentation
Unit 17. Reformulating and summarising
Unit 18. Oral presentation skills



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