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Complete Typographer, The, 3rd edition

  • Will Hill

Published by Pearson (August 12th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

3rd edition


This hands-on design guide helps students build a foundation for the development of an individual typographic sensibility by providing a brief outline of the evolution of type, an introduction to the language and terminology of type and type setting, fundamental rules and conventions of professional practice, and key decisions on type selection and page layout. More typefaces are now readily available to a wider public than at any time in the past—this book presents a basis for the confident and informed exploration of a rich and vivid medium that continues to play a fundamental role in human communication.

Table of contents

6 Introduction
7 How to use this book

Chapter 1
8 The history of type
10 Early movable type
12 The development of printing
16Offset lithography and photosetting
18The digital age

Chapter 2
22 Categories of type
24 Typeface classification
26 Humanist
32 Garalde
40 Transitional
44 Didone
52 Slab Serif
58 Grotesque
62 Humanist Sans
66 Neo-Grotesque
72 Geometric Sans
78 Glyphic
84 Blackletter
88 Script, Italic and Chancery
94 Decorated and Ornamental

98 Beyond classification

Chapter 3
104 Working with type
106 The typeface
110 Measurement
112 Typographic space
114 Special features
118 Selecting type
122 Alignment
126 Differentiation
128 Combining typefaces
130 Page layout
136 The grid
138 Display typography
146 Typography for the screen
150 Environmental typography
154 Hand-drawn type
158 Building a collection

Chapter 4
160 Catalogue of type

180 Usage
184 Glossary
186 Resources
188 Index
192 Credits

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