Comprehensive Assurance & Systems Tool (CAST), 4th edition

  • Laura R. Ingraham
  • Greg Jenkins

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For courses in auditing.


An integrated learning opportunity that encompasses financial statement assurance and accounting info systems

Comprehensive Assurance & Systems Tool (CAST) uniquely exposes students to these issues at The Winery at Chateau Americana, a hypothetical company that is based on an actual domestic winery. Unlike traditional projects and assignments that may offer little to no context, students develop a rich knowledge and understanding of Chateau Americana and its industry as they provide assurance on the company’s financial statements and address a variety of challenging accounting info systems issues. The 4th Edition has been updated in response to changes that have occurred in technology and the field of accounting, so that students have the latest information and tools they need to prepare them for their future careers.

Table of contents

Manual Module                                  

  1. The Manual Accounting Information System
  2. Transaction Set A
  3. Chart of Accounts
  4. Price List
  5. Supporting Documents
  6. General Journal
  7. Sales Register
  8. Cash Receipts Journal
  9. Purchases Journal
  10. Cash Disbursements Journal
  11. Payroll Journal
  12. Accounts Receivable Subsidiary Ledger
  13. Perpetual Inventory Subsidiary Ledger
  14. Accounts Payable Subsidiary Ledger
  15. Employee Payroll Subsidiary Ledger
  16. Fixed Asset Subsidiary Ledger
  17. General Ledger
  18. Transaction Set B
  19. Transaction Set C         


Computerized Module

Spreadsheet Applications Using Microsoft® Excel 2016

  1. Learning Objectives
  2. Background
  3. Download the File
  4. Protecting the Data
  5. Formula Auditing
  6. Data Integrity
  7. Simple Data Analysis
  8. What-If Analysis
  9. Information Needs
  10. Macros
  11. More Advanced Macros
  12. Database Functions
  13. Introduction to PivotTable Reports
  14. Detail in Reporting
  15. Flexible Budgeting Using PivotTables
  16. Creating Charts From PivotTables
  17. Wrap-Up


General Ledger Applications Using Sage 50® 2018

  1. Learning Objectives
  2. Requirements
  3. Setting Up a New Company
  4. Setting Up the General Ledger
  5. Setting Up Beginning Account Balances
  6. Setting Up User Security                                                          
  7. Setting Up Accounts Receivable
  8. Setting Up Accounts Payable
  9. Setting Up Inventory
  10. Setting Up Payroll
  11. Entering Transactions
  12. Transaction Set A
  13. Month-End Procedures
  14. Year-End Procedures
  15. Transaction Set B
  16. Transaction Set C


Database Applications Using Microsoft® Access 2016              

  1. Learning Objectives
  2. Background
  3. Requirements
  4. Creating a New Database and New Table
  5. Creating a Form
  6. Ensuring Sequential Integrity
  7. Creating Relations
  8. Integrating Forms within Forms
  9. Creating a Query
  10. Creating a Report
  11. Summary                                                                     


Assurance Module                                                      

  1. Client Acceptance
  2. Understanding the Business Environment
  3. Identification of Audit Tests for the Expenditure Cycle
  4. Selection of Audit Tests and Risk Assessment for the Expenditure Cycle
  5. Performance of Audit Tests for the Revenue Cycle
  6. Completing the Audit  


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