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Comprehensive Guide to Project Management Schedule and Cost Control, A: Methods and Models for Managing the Project Lifecycle, 1st edition

  • Randal Wilson

Published by Pearson FT Press (April 9th 2014) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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Comprehensive Guide to Project Management Schedule and Cost Control, A: Methods and Models for Managing the Project Lifecycle

ISBN-13: 9780133572940

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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All you need to know to successfully schedule projects and control their costs

The first PM guide 100% focused on scheduling and cost control

  • Covers schedule/cost development, analysis, monitoring, and control
  • Master key skills through case studies, worked examples, graphs, and charts
  • For all project managers, at all levels of experience, in any organization
  • Complete knowledge for all levels of study and certification

Master all the modern project scheduling and cost control techniques you need, in one focused tutorial!


This guide is 100% focused on the specific principles, skill, and best-practice methodologies of scheduling and cost control. Expert project manager Randal Wilson explains every technique with graphs, charts, and realistic case studies. Wilson doesn’t just present the right formulas: he shows you exactly how to apply them, one step at a time.


Whether you’re an experienced project manager or a newcomer, this tutorial will help you meet your #1 goal: delivering outstanding results, on time and on budget.


Scheduling and cost control are at the heart of project management. To successfully run any significant project, managers must accurately identify required resources, sequence work activities, estimate the costs and time needed to perform those activities, and carefully track progress against their estimates.


A Comprehensive Guide to Project Management Schedule and Cost Control will teach you how to perform all these critical tasks.


Using realistic examples, step-by-step calculations, and simple visuals, Randal Wilson makes scheduling and cost control easier than ever before. Wilson shows how to stay on top of schedules and budgets throughout your entire project, from planning through change management and quality control.


Wilson will help you master crucial techniques ranging from activity decomposition to resource leveling, schedule crashing to activity-based budgeting. You’ll learn how to uncover hidden dependencies, set optimal project milestones, and overcome many other challenges.


With these skills, you can deliver what you promise, when you promise, at the cost you promise. If you want to succeed, no skills are more important.

  • Understand the roles and goals of scheduling and cost control
  • Construct realistic project plans
  • Build an accurate Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Define and sequence activities
  • Identify resource requirements
  • Calculate activity durations
  • Organize, analyze, and document schedules
  • Estimate costs using best-practice tools and techniques
  • Develop realistic budgets
  • Track progress and manage risk

Master the essential scheduling and cost control skills needed for all levels of study and certification!



Table of contents

Dedication    v

About the Author    x

Introduction    1

Schedule and Cost of Projects    1

Project Balance    2

What Is Control?    3

Organizational Influences    4

Solutions to Schedule and Cost Control    9

Part 1  Project Development    11

Chapter 1  Basic Project Structure    13

Introduction    13

Projects, Programs, and Portfolios    14

Project Management Versus Program and Portfolio Management    17

Project Life Cycle    23

Review Questions    25

Chapter 2  Initiating Process    27

Introduction    27

Project Origination    28

Project Stakeholders    31

Project Selection    34

Project Charter    52

Review Questions    55

Chapter 3  Planning Process    57

Introduction    57

Develop Project Management Plan    58

Collect Requirements    63

Define Scope    66

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)    70

Review Questions    75

Part 2  Project Schedule Analysis    77

Chapter 4  Activity Definition    79

Introduction    79

Activity Analysis    80

Responsibility Assignment    88

Work Authorization    91

Review Questions    95

Applications Exercise for Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8    95

Case Study Exercise for Chapter 4    96

Chapter 5  Activity Sequencing    97

Introduction    97

Information for Sequencing    98

Defining Dependencies    102

Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)    104

Review Questions    116

Applications Exercise    116

Chapter 6  Resource Estimating    117

Introduction    117

Types of Resources    119

Resource Constraints    122

Resource Requirements    126

Resource-Estimating Methods    128

Review Questions    136

Applications Exercise    137


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