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CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition, 3rd edition

  • Mark Edward Soper
  • David L. Prowse
  • Scott Mueller

Published by Pearson IT Certification (August 27th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

3rd edition

CompTIA A+ 220-801-220-802 Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test

ISBN-13: 9780133070415

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 Technician Essentials and PC Anatomy 101 3

The Essential Parts of Any Computer 4

    Front and Rear Views of a Desktop PC 5

    All Around a Notebook (Laptop) Computer 7

    Quick Reference to PC Components 8

Hardware, Software, and Firmware 9

    Hardware 10

    Software 10

    Firmware 11

    Why Hardware, Software, and Firmware Are Important to Understand 11

Points of Failure 11

    Points of Failure on a Desktop Computer 12

    Points of Failure on a Notebook Computer 13

The CompTIA Six-Step Troubleshooting Process 14

PC Tools 15

    Basic Tools for Assembly/Disassembly of Computers 15

    ESD Protection 16

    System and Electrical Testing Tools 16

    Network Installation and Configuration Tools 17

    Printer Maintenance Tools 18

Important Websites 18

Review All the Key Topics 19

Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 19

Define Key Terms 19

Complete Hands-On Labs 19

    Lab 1-1: Determine the External Equipment Available on a Desktop or Laptop Computer 20

    Lab 1-2: Determine the Tool(s) to Use for Performing Specified Service on a PC 21

Answer Review Questions 21

Answers to Hands-On Labs 24

    Lab 1-1: Determine the external equipment available on a desktop or laptop computer. 24

    Lab 1-2: Determine the tool(s) to use for performing specified service on a PC. 26

Answers and Explanations to Review Questions 26

Chapter 2 Motherboards and Processors 29

Motherboards and Their Components 30

    Form Factors 31

    Integrated I/O Ports 33

    Memory Slots 35

    Expansion Slots 36

    Chipset Components 42

    Jumpers and Jumper Blocks 44

    Fan Connectors 44

    Audio Connectors 45

    Front-Panel Connectors 46

Installing Motherboards 48

    Step-by-Step Motherboard Removal 48

    Preparing the Motherboard for Installation 50

    Step-by-Step Motherboard Installation 51

Troubleshooting Motherboards 52

    Unexpected Shutdowns 52

    Continuous Reboots (Power Supply and BSOD Problems) 53

    BIOS Time and Settings Resets 53


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