Computers as Theatre, 1st edition

  • Brenda Laurel

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This paperback version of Brenda Laurel's 1991 hardcover classic features a new chapter that takes the reader through virtual reality and beyond to a new level of human computer interaction that is genuinely transforming. Like its predecessor, this book presents a new theory of human-computer activity.


Table of contents

 1. The Nature of the Best.

 2. Dramatic Foundations, Part I: Elements of Qualitative Structure.

 3. Dramatic Foundations, Part II: Orchestrating Action.

 4. Dramatic Techniques for Orchestrating Human Response.

 5. Design Principles for Human-Computer Activity.

 6. New Directions in Human-Computer Activity.

 7. Post-Virtual Reality: After the Hype is Over. 0201550601T04062001

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (August 31st 1993) - Copyright © 1994