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  5. Conceptual Models of Nursing: Global Perspectives (2-downloads)

Conceptual Models of Nursing: Global Perspectives, 5th edition

  • Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
  • Ann L. Whall

Published by Pearson (July 10th 2015) - Copyright © 2016

5th edition

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Conceptual Models of Nursing: Global Perspectives (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780133805857

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Table of contents

Foreword–Mary Jane Smith
Part 1: Foundations for the Globalization of Nursing
1. Nursing Knowledge Development: Mandate for a Global Nursing Perspective–Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
2. Philosophical Foundations for Nursing Knowledge Development–Ann L. Whall
Part 2: Nursing Models from Other Countries
3. Australia: Conceptual Model Development through the Influence of the National Accreditation Process–Jill White
4. Canada: Strengths-Based Nursing, A Value Driven Approach to Practice–Laurie N. Gottlieb and Norma Ponzoni
5. Ireland: The Model of Personhood–Geraldine McCarthy and Margaret Landers
6. Italy: Nursing as a Stimulus of Health-Harmony–Renzo Zanotti
7. Japan: Physical Assessment as a Theoretical Background for a Layered Model of Nursing–Toyoaki Yamauchi
8. Spain: Barcelona’s Clinic Hospital Nursing Model–Adelaida Zabalegui, Roser Cadena, Emili Comas, Teresa Fuste, Pedro Sanz, and Montse Valverde
9. South Korea: Theory of Interpersonal Caring–Susie Kim, Haeok Lee, and Yunhee Kang
10. United Kingdom: The Person-Centered Nursing Model–Brendan McCormack and Tanya McCance
Part 3: Applications of United States Developed Nursing Models to Nursing in Other Countries
11. Egypt: Applications of Nursing Theory–Zeinab Ahmed Moukhtar Abdelsalam and Naglaa Mostafa
12. Applications of Transcultural Nursing Theory–Merav Ben Natan, Mally Ehrenfeld, and Michal Itzhaki
13. Jordan: Aspiration for a Culturally Sensitive Nursing Model–Muayyad M. Ahmad and Latefa A. Dardas
14. Mexico: Nursing Theory, Research, and Education–Esther C. Gallegos and Bertha Cecilia Salazar
15. Thailand: Nursing Theory and Theory-Based Education, Practice, and Research–Natawon Suwonnaroop, Wanpen Piyopasakul, and Rungnapa Panitrat
Part 4: Future Directions for Development of Nursing Theory, Research, and Professional Practice
16. Nursing Knowledge Development and Professional Nursing Practice–Margaret Glembocki
17. Nursing Conceptualizations from around the World: Implications for Development of Global Nursing Theory and Research–Joyce J. Fitzpatrick

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