Conflict of Laws, The, 1st edition

  • P Stone

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The subject, 'conflict of laws', comprises part of any country's private law which regulates certain types of problems that arise when a dispute has some connection with another country. It is concerned with such issues as the court's jurisdiction to determine such a dispute, the choice of the country whose law will be applied in determining the merits of the dispute, and the recognition or enforcement of a foreign judgement. The text also has a strong E.C. focus.

Table of contents

1. Introduction.
2. Personal connections of individuals.
3. Marriage.
4. Matrimonial proceedings.
5. Children.
6. Corporations and insolvency.
7. Civil jurisdiction introduction.
8. Civil jurisdiction basic principles.
9. Alternative form.
10. Civil jurisdiction protective or exclusive jurisdiction.
11. Civil jurisdiction forum clauses.
12. Contracts.
13. Tort.
14. Foreign judgements.
15. Property.
16. General conflict problems.

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