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Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective, 1st edition

  • Gary Bamossy
  • Margaret K. Hogg
  • Soren Askegaard
  • Michael R. Solomon
Consumer Behaviour

ISBN-13:  9781292245423


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  • Paperback

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Now in its seventh edition, Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective provides the
most comprehensive, lively and engaging introduction to the behaviour of consumers in
Europe and around the world.


The new slimline edition has 13 chapters, maintaining its breadth of coverage and making it
ideal for second- and third-year undergraduates as well as Master's students.

The book links consumer behaviour theory with the real-life problems faced by practitioners
in many ways:

  •  Marketing opportunity, Marketing pitfalls and Multicultural dimensions boxes
    throughout the text illustrate the impact consumer behaviour has on marketing
  • Consumer behaviour as I see it boxes feature marketing academics talking about the
    relevance of consumer behaviour issues to their everyday work.
  • Brand new Case studies about European companies and topics give deep insights into
    the world of consumer behaviour.
  • New coverage of sustainable consumption, emerging technologies, social media and
    online behaviour is woven throughout this edition.
  • Online materials including multiple-choice questions and links to useful websites are
    available on the book's website at

Table of contents

Part A Consumers and the market-place

1 - Consumer behavior and consumer society

2 - Shopping, buying and disposing

Part A Case Studies


Part B How consumers see the world and themselves

3 - Perception and meaning

4 - The self

5 - Motivation, lifestyles and value

Part B Case Studies


Part C Consumers as decision-makers

6 - Learning and memory

7 - Attitudes

8 - Decision making

Part C Case Studies


Part D European Consumers and their social groups

9 - Groups and social media

10 - European families

11 - Income and social class

Part D Case Studies


Part E Culture and European Consumers

12 - Culture and consumer behaviour

13 - Cultural change processes

Part E Case Studies

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