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Contemporary Canadian Marketing Cases, 3rd edition

Published by Pearson Canada (May 15th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

3rd edition

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Highly readable and current, this Canadian casebook provides marketing students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in marketing case analysis through active participation and discussions. The various activities foster learning through the development of independent thought and creativity, and interpersonal, communication, and decision-making skills. This text features a broad selection of cases of varying length, scope, number and difficulty, chosen to allow for flexibility. While some cases are focused on specific marketing issues, others are comprehensive cases that require a complete analysis. Detailed teaching notes provide useful suggestions for teaching the material at different levels. This collection of 50 cases is drawn from different geographic regions of Canada, covering a wide range of organizations and marketing scenarios. Reflecting current realities in the Canadian market, there is an equal balance between product and services marketing cases as well as cases that deal with marketing within an international context.

Table of contents

 1. Financial Analysis Exercises.

 2. Pantry Pride.

 3. Toronto Designers.

 4. Wing and a Prayer.

 5. Cott Corporation.

 6. Lifestyle International.

 7. Metropol Base—Fort Security Group.

 8. Scotian Pride.

 9. Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration.

10. Dillon Controls Ltd.

11. Marketing-in-Focus Inc.

12. Eyckline Farms.

13. “Greener Pastures”: The Launch of StaGreen by HydoCan.

14. NCA Microelectronics.

15. PharmHealth.

16. Zeneca Group PLC.

17. Restored Vision Inc.

18. Zeneca Ag Products.

19. EJE Trans-Lite Inc.

20. Atlas Chemical Company.

21. Canadian Novelty Printing.

22. Parker Instruments Ltd.

23. Murray Industrial Limited.

24. Hannas Seeds.

25. Toronto Door & Trim.

26. Union Station Clothing Store.

27. Amway Launches Quixtar.com.

28. Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures.

29. Maritime Trading Company.

30. The Holey War: Robin's Donuts versus Tim Horton's.

31. Provel.

32. Royal Bank of Canada—Bank of Montreal: The Proposed Merger.

33. Industritech Inc.

34. Power & Motion Industrial Supply Inc.

35. Sue Jones.

36. Some Ethical Dilemmas in Business-to-Business Sales.

37. Health Care Corporation of St. John's.

38. Lucas Foods.

39. Artventure Children's Creative Art and Party Centre.

40. Rocky Mountain House Co-op.

41. Steinhouse Knitting Mills (Canada) Ltd.

42. Agri Train.


Case 1: Financial Analysis Exercises. Case 2: Pantry Pride. Case 3: Toronto Designers. Case 4: Wing and a Payer. Case 5: Cott Corporation. Case 6: Lifestyle International. Case 7: Metropol Base - Fort Security Group. Case 8: Scotian Pride. Case 9: Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration. Case 10: Dillon Controls Ltd. Case 11: Marketing-in-Focus Inc. Case 12: Eyckline Farms. Case 13: “Greener Pastures”: The Launch of StaGreen by HydoCan. Case 14: NCA Microelectronics. Case 15: PharmHealth. Case 16: Zeneca Group PLC. Case 17: Restored Vision Inc. Case 18: Zeneca Ag Products. Case 19: EJE Transa-Lite Inc. Case 20: Atlas Chemical Company. Case 21: Canadian Novelty Printing. Case 22: Parker Instruments Ltd. Case 23: Murray Industrial Limited. Case 24: Hannas Seeds. Case 25: Toronto Door & Trim. Case 26: Union Station Clothing Store. Case 27: Amway Launches Quixtar.com. Case 28: Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures. Case 29: Maritime Trading Company. Case 30: The Holey War: Robins Donuts versus Tim Horton's. Case 31: Royal Bank of Canada - Bank of Montreal: The Proposed Merger. Case 32: Industritech Inc. Case 33: Sue Jones. Case 34: Some Ethical Dilemmas in Business-to-Business Sales. Case 35: Health Care Corporation of St. John's. Case 36: Lucas Foods. Case 37: Artventure Children's Creative Art and Party Centre. Cases 38: Rocky Mountain House Co-op. Case 39: Steinhouse Knitting Mills (Canada) Ltd. Case 40: Agri Train.

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