Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: An Introduction, 9th edition

  • William O'Grady
  • John Archibald

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Contemporary Linguistic Analysis is written and edited by leading scholars in the field. It provides an up-to-date introduction with coverage of phenomena that are of special interest and relevance to the linguistic situation in Canada. Using the generative paradigm, it offers an introduction to linguistic analysis as it is practised at this stage in the development of the discipline.


This superb text gives students a solid grounding in basic linguistic concepts, but also prepares them to go on to further advanced work in the discipline. 

Table of contents

1 Language: a preview

2 Phonetics: the sounds of language

3 Phonology: contrasts and patterns

4 Morphology: the analysis of word structure

5 Syntax: the analysis of sentence structure

6 Semantics: the study of meaning

7 The classification of languages

8 Historical linguistics: the study of language change

9 Indigenous languages in Canada

10 First language acquisition

11 Second language acquisition

12 Bilingualism and bilingual acquisition

13 Psycholinguistics: the study of language processing

14 Brain and language

15 Language in social contexts

16 Writing and language

Published by Pearson Canada (January 23rd 2020) - Copyright © 2021