Contrastes: Grammaire du français courant, 2nd edition

  • Denise Rochat

Contrastes: Grammaire du français courant

ISBN-13:  9780205646999

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The 2nd edition of Contrastes: grammaire du français courant remains what it originally set out to be: a comprehensive French grammar review geared specifically to English-speakers with some exposure to the French language. Written in French (with occasional footnotes and explanations in English), it is meant for those who have already acquired a foundation in French, but who need a tool to help them review and expand upon what they already know to improve their mastery of complex grammar rules and formations.


  • Written in French, with idiomatic North-American translations of all examples.
  • Nota Bene helps students focus on correcting the most common mistakes by drawing attention to exceptions, contrasts, or frequent errors.
  • Charts and Tableaux synthétiques allow visual learners to grasp information at a glance.
  • Generous lists of frequently used verbs, helpful vocabulary, and familiar idiomatic expressions within the chapters make for easier learning and retention.
  • Systematic comparative approach provides a wealth of examples that establish points of comparison and contrast between confusing structures in French and English and focus on correcting the most common mistakes.
  • Thorough yet versatile and adaptable text that is useful in intermediate, advanced, culture, grammar, translation, or graduate courses, or on its own as a grammar reference.
  • Short verification exercises are designed to help students master key concepts and rules and build confidence as they move from simple to complex structures.
  • Accompanying Workbook, cross-referenced with the textbook, closely follows the presentation of each chapter and provides ample opportunity for additional practice.

Table of contents


1. Le présent de l’indicatif; L’impératif

2. Les articles; Quantités, préparations et subtances; Omission de l’article

3. Les pronoms objets directs et indirects; Les pronoms y et en; Place des pronoms

4. Les pronoms disjoints; Formes des pronoms dans certaines constructions idiomatiques

5. Les adjectifs et pronoms démonstratifs

6. L’interrogation directe

7. L’appartenance

8. La négation

9. Le passé de l’indicatif; Le récit au passé

10. Les participes présent et passé

11. Le futur et le conditionnel

12. Le subjonctif

13. L’infinitif

14. L’expression de la condition

15. Le discours indirect au passé

16. Les subordonnées relatives

17. L’expression du temps

18. Le passif

19. La comparaison

20. Les indéfinis

21. Pluriels et accords

Appendice 1   Prépositions

Appendice 2   Verbes pronominaux

Appendice 3   Temps rares ou littéraires

Appendice 4   Tableaux de verbes 


Index général

Index des verbes

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