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Correctional Counseling, 1st edition

  • Robert D. Hanser
  • Scott M. Mire
  • Alton Braddock

Published by Pearson (January 15th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

1st edition

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Written by practitioners in the field, Correctional Counseling offers a strong practitioner orientation, enabling students to become proficient in providing basic correctional counseling services to the offender population. The desire to provide a teaching-and-learning aid that will create practitioners in the field who are competent in offender treatment is the overarching goal of this text. Students are provided basic information on underlying theoretical perspectives among a variety of counseling approaches, and the text addresses the details of the counseling and treatment process itself, explaining exactly how correctional counseling is done in the field.

Table of contents

Chapter 1:      The Role of the Correctional Counselor

Chapter 2:      Legal, Ethical, and Cross-Cultural Issues

Chapter 3:      Assessment, Classification, & Treatment Planning

Chapter 4:      Rapport-Building, Person-Centered Techniques, & Goal-Setting

Chapter 5:      Common Theoretical Counseling Perspectives

Chapter 6:      Family Systems Therapy and Counseling

Chapter 7:      Group Therapy

Chapter 8:      Substance Abuse Counseling & Co-occurring disorders

Chapter 9:      Youth Counseling and Juvenile Offenders

Chapter 10:    Anger Management and Domestic Abuse Counseling/Facilitating

Chapter 11:    Female Offenders and Correctional Counseling

Chapter 12:    Sex Offenders

Chapter 13:    HIV/AIDS, Dying/Grief & Mourning, Older Offenders, & Suicide Issues

Chapter 14:    Evaluation, Effectiveness, Relapse, & Offender Recidivism

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