Corrections in America: An Introduction, 14th edition

  • Harry E. Allen
  • Edward J. Latessa
  • Bruce S. Ponder


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An easy-to-use, easy-to-teach, comprehensive overview of the field of correctionsBased on its established tradition of comprehensive, student-friendly coverage with extensive supplemental material, Corrections in America has been the best-selling text in the field for over 40 years. It covers virtually all aspects of corrections, including its history, prisons in the present, correctional ideologies, sentencing and legal issues, alternatives to imprisonment, institutional corrections, and correctional clients. This new edition includes expanded coverage of contemporary issues, including juvenile facilities, state and federal prisons, and security threats and gangs. Photos and figures provide a visual learning experience that presents complex data in a very simple and readable manner. Key words, review questions, definitions and objective-based summaries make instruction more focused, and help students master the materials.  

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Table of contents

Brief Contents
Acknowledgments xvii
About the authors xix

Part 1 Historical Perspectives 1
1. Early History (2000 b.c. to a.d. 1800) 2
2. Prisons (1800 to the Present) 26
3. Correctional Ideologies: The Pendulum Swings 48
4. The Sentencing and Appeals Process 68

Part 2 Alternatives to Imprisonment 95
5. Probation 96
6. Diversion and Intermediate Sanctions 120

Part 3 Institutional Corrections 155
7. Custody Functions 156
8. Security Threat Groups and Prison Gangs 180
9. Management and Treatment Functions 192
10. Jails and Detention Facilities 216
11. State and Local Prison Systems 238
12. The Federal System 256
13. Private-Sector Systems 278
14. The Death Penalty 296
15. Parole and Reentry 320

Part 4 Correctional Clients 347
16. Inmate and Ex-Offender Rights 348
17. Male Offenders 374
18. Female Offenders 392
19. Juvenile Offenders 416
20. Facilities for Juveniles 438
21. Special-Category Offenders 456

Glossary 493
Author index 507
Subject index

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