Countries and Concepts: An Introduction to Comparative Politics, 6th edition

  • Michael G. Roskin

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This book introduces Comparative Politics through a country-by-country analysis and recent case studies. By demonstrating that political life is universal, it proves that no country is really "alien." KEY TOPICS: The book provides the relevant historical background for current political events. It employs a critical approach demonstrating that every country has problems and breakdowns in a system are always political. This sixth edition has been revised to include a new chapter on Iran exploring the politics of the Islamic revolution. In addition, sections on Japan, Russia, France, China, and Britain have all been updated to reflect the latest political events in those countries as well as the implications of those events. MARKET: An essential resource book for any reader who needs to understand current political events and their meaning.

Table of contents

1. What to Look For.


2. Britain: The Impact of the Past.

3. Britain: The Key Institutions.

4. British Political Attitudes.

5. Britain: Patterns of Interaction.

6. What Britons Quarrel About.


7. France: The Impact of the Past.

8. France: The Key Institutions.

9. French Political Attitudes.

10. France: Patterns of Interaction.

11. What the French Quarrel About.


12. Germany: The Impact of the Past.

13. Germany: The Key Institutions.

14. German Political Attitudes.

15. Germany: Patterns of Interaction.

16. What Germans Quarrel About.


17. Russia: The Impact of the Past.

18. Russia: The Key Institutions.

19. Russian Political Attitudes.

20. Russia: Patterns of Interaction.

21. What Russians Quarrel About.


22. Japan: The Impact of the Past.

23. Japan: The Key Institutions.

24. Japanese Political Attitudes.

25. Japan: Patterns of Interaction.

26. What Japanese Quarrel About.


27. China.

28. Brazil.

29. South Africa.

30. Iran.

31. Lessons of Nine Countries.



Published by Pearson Higher Education (August 19th 1997) - Copyright © 1998