Create Marketplace Disruption: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition, (paperback), 1st edition

  • Adam Hartung


Master the #1 Principle for Long-Term Market Dominance! The Phoenix Principle

Create Marketplace Disruption is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. Adam Hartung offers business managers and leaders new insights to long-term success that apply across markets and industries.”
–Steve Burke, President, Comcast Cable Communications, Philadelphia, PA


"Talking innovation is easier than practicing innovation. Adam offers an excellent approach for corporations to identify how to innovate to gain competitive advantage. A must read.”
–Praveen Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Innovation Science and Chairman, Accelper Consulting, Schaumburg, IL


Some companies can’t change in response to market disruptions. Those companies die. Other companies do respond...eventually. They survive, but they see their profits squeezed, their growth flattened. Then,there are the long-term winners: companies that create their own disruptions and thrive on change. In Create Marketplace Disruption, Adam Hartung shows how to become one of those rare companies, creating lasting growth and profits.

This book reveals why so many companies behave in ways that are utterly incompatible with long-term success...and why even “good to great” companies are struggling for air. You’ll discover how to reposition your organization away from the Flats and Swamps of traditional Defend and Extend Management and back into the Rapids of accelerated growth. Hartung demonstrates how to attack competitors’ Lock-ins, make their Success Formulas obsolete, and create the White Space needed to invent your own new formulas for success.

Create Marketplace Disruption shows how disrupting yourself is critical to reaping the benefits of market changes, and part of a process that executives and strategists can reproduce over and over again for improved results.


How we got into this messand how to get out of it

The myth of perpetuity and the dark side of success


Reinventing success: no more Defend and Extend
Creating your new Success Formulas and keeping them competitively advantaged


Why “thinking outside the box” doesn’t work
First, get outside the box. Then, think!


Maintaining ”The Phoenix Principle” for long-term success
Practicing Disruption until it comes naturally

Table of contents


    About the Author xviii

    Preface xix


Part I Understanding How We Got Into This Mess 1

    Introduction Overcoming Schumpeter 3

        Who Is Schumpeter, and What Did He Say? 3

        What Is Business Success, and What Creates It? 5

        The Sad Tale of AM 6

        AM Is Not Alone 10

    Chapter 1 The Myth of Perpetuity and Lifecycle Realities 17

        The “S” Curve Theory of Business Lifecycle 17

        The Myth of Perpetuity 19

        We Keep Repeating the Same Cycle 32


    Chapter 2 The Value and Power of Success Formulas 35

        Companies Rise in the Rapids on the Strength of Their Success Formulas 35

        Strategies and Tactics Come from Identity 39

        Winners Create Success Formulas in the Rapids 40

        Vertical Success Formula Alignment Leads to Great Results 42

        Success Formulas Are Very Good Things—and Define Success 45


    Chapter 3 The Power of Lock-in 47

        Businesses Use Lock-in to Implement Their Success Formulas 47

        Success Formulas Are Locked-in Behaviorally and Structurally 51

        Understanding the Status Quo Police 63

        The Really BIG Environmental Shift 68


    Chapter 4 The Dark Side of Success—Defend & Extend Management 71

        The Focus on Defend & Extend Management 74

        The Road to D&E Management Acceptance 77

        The Outcome of D&E Management 83

        The Lock-in Cycle 86

        The New Definition of Business Success 93

        Information Transparency Affects Everyone 95


Part II Reinventing Success 97

    Introduction The Phoenix Principle for Managing in an Uncertain World 99

        There Is a Better Approach to Management 99

        Success Today Is About Keeping a Success Formula Evergreen—Rather Than Defending & Extending It 101

        Four Steps to Achieving Sustained Success in a Dynamic World 104

        Organizations of Any Age or Size Can Utilize The Phoenix Principle to Achieve Breakthrough Performance 106


    Chapter 5 Don’t Defend and Extend 111

        Recognize the Problem 111

        Plan for the Future Rather Than the Past 114

        It’s Not Hard to Stop Defending & Extending if You Change Your Planning Approach 129


    Chapter 6 Attack Competitors’ Lock-in 131

        It’s Easier to See Problems in Others’ Success Formulas Than in Your Own 131

        Seek Out Alternative Competitive Tactics Rather Than Compete Head-to-Head 134

        Look at How Competitors Define Their Business 138

        Identify Your Competitor’s Advantage and Do Something Else 140

        When Competitors Lock-in to Differentiating Features, Use Standards 143

        Stall Competitors Whenever Possible 147


    Chapter 7 Disruptions Are Key to Becoming a Phoenix Principle Organization 151

        Disruptions Enable Long-Term Superior Performance 151

        It’s Not Possible to Change a Success Formula Directly 153

        Disruptions Are Not Well Understood nor Taught 153

        Good Leaders Are Good Disruptors 157

        Avoiding Disruptions Creates Long-term Problems 166

        Disruptions Produce Anxiety But Are Necessary 168


    Chapter 8 Develop New Success Formulas via White Space 171

        Develop New Success Formulas via White Space 171

        White Space Is Where Success Formulas Evolve or Are Created Anew 171

        There Are Requirements for Effective White Space 176

        White Space Management Must Be Accountable for Results 185

        White Space Is Not the Wellspring 186

        Old Success Formulas Must Migrate Toward White Space 189

        Endnotes 192


    Chapter 9 Maintain the Phoenix Principle for Long-Term Success 193

        Practice Makes Perfect 193

        Phoenix Principle Companies Are Often Hard to Define Traditionally 194

        Phoenix Principle Companies Are Willing to Fail 196

        Disruptions Only Appear Painful 197

        Strategists Must Change Their Roles to Promote The Phoenix Principle 199

        Phoenix Principle Companies Help Customers Find and Use White Space 202

        The Phoenix Principle Isn’t Hard to Practice—It’s Just Different 205

        Now Is the Time to Implement The Phoenix Principle 206


    Epilogue Phoenix Principle People 209

        You Are the Top of the Pyramid 211

        Do You Disrupt Your Lock-in and Use Personal White Space 214

        Applying Personal Disruptions and White Space to Work 219

        Organizations Can Help Develop Phoenix Principle People 221

        The Phoenix Principle Is Available to All of Us 222


    Index 223

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