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CUPS: Common UNIX Printing System, 1st edition

  • Michael Sweet.

Published by Sams Publishing (August 28th 2001) - Copyright © 2002

1st edition

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The Common UNIX Printing System is quickly becoming the standard printing solution for Linux. This book provides you with detailed instructions on using, administering, and programming for the Common UNIX Printing System. In addition to the CUPS software, this book includes information and online downloads of many popular add-ons to CUPS that provide enhanced graphical interfaces and printer drivers.

Table of contents


1: Using CUPS.

1. Introduction to CUPS.

2. Compiling and Installing CUPS.

3. Setting Up Printers and Classes.

4. Printing with CUPS.

5. Server Configuration.

6. Client Configuration.

2: The Internet Printing Protocol.

7. Overview of IPP.

8. Anatomy of an IPP Request.

9. Printer Objects.

10. Job Objects.

11. Subscription Objects.

12. CUPS Extensions to IPP.

3: Programming with CUPS.

13. Overview of CUPS Programming.

14. Using CUPS API Functions.

15. Sending IPP Requests Using CUPS.

16. Writing File Filters for CUPS.

17. Writing Printer Drivers for CUPS.

18. Writing Backends for CUPS.

19. Writing Notifiers for CUPS.

4: Appendixes.

Appendix A. IPP Reference.

Appendix B. CUPS Constants.

Appendix C. CUPS Structures.

Appendix D. CUPS Functions.

Appendix E. CUPS Software License Agreement.

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