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Definitive Guide to Transportation, The: Principles, Strategies, and Decisions for the Effective Flow of Goods and Services, 1st edition

Published by Pearson FT Press (January 16th 2014) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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Definitive Guide to Transportation, The: Principles, Strategies, and Decisions for the Effective Flow of Goods and Services

ISBN-13: 9780133449099

Includes: Hardcover
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Plan, Implement, Measure, and Optimize World-Class Transportation Operations in Any Supply Chain

· Supports all learning objectives of the Transportation Management module (Learning Block 5) of the CSCMP SCPro Level One certification
· Covers concepts, principles, terminology, elements, processes, strategies, technologies, linkages to other business functions, metrics, and more
· From the field’s leading practitioners and researchers: the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

The Definitive Guide to Transportation is the most authoritative, complete guide to modern transportation best practices for any supply chain, no matter how complex or far-reaching.

Whether you’re a practitioner or a student, the authors help you thoroughly understand all facets of transportation management, and provide all of the context you need to succeed. They illuminate current transportation challenges, review today’s leading service and technology options, and help you make better decisions about everything from network design to load preparation.

Throughout, key ideas are supported by examples, charts, graphs, summaries, references, and more: all you need to master the concepts and apply them in your own career. You’ll discover ways to reduce costs and enhance performance right now—and you’ll preview emerging trends that will transform the way you manage transportation for years to come.

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the preeminent worldwide professional association dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of research and knowledge on supply chain management. With nearly 10,000 members representing nearly all industry sectors, government, and academia from 67 countries, CSCMP members are the leading practitioners and authorities in the fields of logistics and supply chain management.

Table of contents

Chapter 1  Transportation in Business and the Economy     3

Transportation and Logistics     4
Transportation and the Supply Chain    6
Transportation and the Economy     7
Transportation, Society, and the Environment    10
Summary     12
Endnotes     12
Chapter 2  A Survey of Transportation Modes     15
An Overview of the Modes     15
The Five Modes of Transportation     17
   Road Transportation    17
   Rail Transportation     25
   Water Transportation     31
   Air Transportation     36
   Pipeline Transportation     37
Intermodal Transportation     38
Summary    44
Endnotes     45
Chapter 3  The Economics of Transportation     47
Accounting Costs and Economic Costs     47
Fixed Costs and Variable Costs     48
Carrier Cost Metrics    50
Carrier Pricing and Costs for Shippers     54
Expressions of Transportation Rates     56
Additional Services and Fees     59
Summary     61
Endnotes     62
Chapter 4  The Transportation Services Market     63
Private Transportation     63
   Private Road Fleets    63
   Advantages of Private Road Fleets     65
   Other (Nonroad) Private Fleets     66
Outsourcing Transportation     67
   Contract Carriage (2PLs)     67
   Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) 67
   Lead Logistics Providers/Integrators (4PLs)     70
   Freight Forwarders     71
   Difference Between 3PLs and Freight Forwarders     72
   Brokers     73
Summary    74
Endnotes     74

Chapter 5  An Overview of Transportation Management     79

Transportation Management Decision Making    79
Network Design     80
   Typology of Transport Networks     81
   Optimization    83
   Heuristics and Simulations    84
Lane Analysis    85
Mode and Carrier Selection    90
Service Negotiations    94
   Shipper—Receiver Negotiations     94
   Shipper—Carrier Negotiations    96
   Contract Versus Spot Rates     96
   Contractual Provisions     97
Service Evaluation     99
Dock- and Movement-Level Decisions     102
Transportation Documentation     103
   Documents Common to Domestic and International Transportation    104
   Documents Exclusive to International Transportation     106
Summary     108
Endnotes     109
Chapter 6  Transportation Technologies     111

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